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What We Do

This online resource centre is intended to be a comprehensive, one-stop source for all information on domestic violence in Nigeria.  The goal is to provide information that is not ordinarily accessible or easily accessible in one site, to allow people in domestic violence situations to be able to express themselves anonymously, and to garner more information on domestic violence and what is missing in the fight against it in Nigeria.

It contains information on helplines to call in domestic violence and related emergency situations.  It provides a compendium of organisations working to end domestic violence in Nigeria, existing legal support, including legislation on domestic violence, statistics on domestic violence in Nigeria drawn from various reliable sources, a media alert of stories on domestic violence in the Nigerian media, and a survey on domestic violence, amongst other things.   It also provides an interactive platform for survivors and victims in Nigeria. In addition, the site provides information on violence against women generally, as this often has linkages with domestic violence.

This resource is intended to serve as an empowerment tool, providing affected persons with the tools with which to help themselves and others.  It is an advocacy platform, helping to highlight the resources and tools for combating this societal and public health challenge.  It is a report card, providing insight into the progress made on this and related issues, and helping to identify the gaps in addressing this problem in Nigeria.

This resource is NOT intended to serve as a replacement for resort to professional channels for legal advice, psychological support, or medical help.

Help for Domestic Violence

Helplines: For information or help in domestic abuse situations Call the lines below:
Federal Government of Nigeria Toll Free Number for Violation of Girls and Women
CHELD Domestic Violence Helplines
0810 757 2829; 0813 164 3208
Project Alert - 234-1-8209387; 08052004698; 08180091072

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